4 Types of Handcrafted, Gourmet Jerky You Need to Try

4 Types of Handcrafted, Gourmet Jerky You Need to Try

Turning meat into jerky is one of the oldest forms of food preservation. Not only is it delicious, but it keeps the meat fresh for a much longer time. Even as new methods of food storage were developed, jerky has remained popular with everyday people which is why you can always find some on store shelves. To experience the pinnacle of jerky goodness, you need to go gourmet. Here are four types of handcrafted, gourmet jerky from the Smokehouse Jerky Co. you need to try.

Bacon Jerky

Most of the jerky you find on store shelves is made from beef. However, the principles of turning meat into jerky work for any kind of meat, not just beef. An excellent example of a non-beef jerky is the bacon jerky you can get from Smokehouse Jerky Co. Our bacon collection is gourmet from start to finish, and there are five amazing, gourmet flavors from which to choose. The flavors are Applewood Smoked, Honey Pepper, Maple, Sriracha, and Western Barbecue. If you can't decide on just one, we also have a sample pack you can buy. Now you can always have bacon on the go without carrying a frying pan.  

Gourmet Beef Jerky

Though most jerky is made from beef, not all beef jerky is created equal. The beef jerky at Smokehouse Jerky Co. is made from high-quality brisket beef and has gourmet seasonings for a flavor that can’t be beat. We have 16 amazing flavors including our Peppered Orange Teriyaki, Sea Salt Honey & Pepper, Mango Habanero, Korean BBQ, Carolina Reaper, Carne Asada and many more. Our beef jerky has received raving reviews from those who’ve eaten it, and you can’t go wrong with any of our flavors. Be sure to read the description of the flavor because some of them are as hot as a flame-thrower. To add a little surprise to your jerky buying experience, test drive one of our sample packs. We send you 12 randomly selected flavors of gourmet beef jerky from Smokehouse Jerky Co.

Gluten-Free Jerky

Consumers with food allergies and intolerances have to be careful with the products they buy from retailers. Many food producers don’t understand the needs of people with special conditions but we do. At Smokehouse Jerky Co. we know that many consumers are trying to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet. We currently produce, in a combination of beef and bacon, 10 gluten-free flavors. We even made a section of our store that’s devoted to showcasing which of our products are suitable for consumers with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. If you know someone that needs gluten-free jerky, please let them know Smokehouse Jerky Co. wants them to enjoy gourmet jerky too.

Teriyaki Jerky

One of the most popular flavors of jerky is Teriyaki. These marinated jerkies have a robust flavor that makes them a more flavorful choice when compared to ordinary beef jerky. At Smokehouse Jerky Co. we have three flavors of Teriyaki beef jerky, including one that's gluten-free. Besides the traditional soy-based Teriyaki flavor, we also produce Teriyaki jerky that infuses new tastes. Our Tropical Fusion Teriyaki-flavored jerky uses mango and pineapple flavors. Additionally, we have a Peppered Orange Teriyaki jerky that's also gluten-free. You can't go wrong with any of our Teriyaki beef jerky flavors.


As we said at the outset, not all jerky is created equal. I hope you can see what sets Smokehouse Jerky Co. ahead of the competition. If you’re ready to try quite possibly the best jerky you will ever eat, then browse the selection in our online store. We’re certain you’ll find something that you’ll love. If you’re interested in stocking your store shelves with our products, take a look at the wholesale and distribution information on our website.

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