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The "BEST" Beef Jerky? Sorry...It Doesn't Exist

With so many jerky makers (literally 1000's) in the meat snack industry today, everyone is looking for an edge to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways is to tout your jerky as being the BEST in the country or world, and while it may be pretty good, it is not the best beef jerky, and here's why:

As with everything in life, it all comes down to personal preference. I like Harley Davidsons more than any other motorcycle because I love the look and sound of them and the smooth road under me, so that's what I ride. That doesn't mean they are the best in the world. If I were 30 years younger, I would be strapped to the fastest Ducati on the planet and blowing through tires weekly.

The same thing also applies to jerky. Some people like it hard and chewy, or just hard and not so chewy. You know, so tough your jaw hurts before you've finished the first piece, and a bag lasts a month. You may like it soft, moist, and tender so you can savor the flavors, and yeah, finish the whole bag because that's how you eat your beef jerky.

Lots of folks are traditional beef jerky diehards. It doesn't matter how many flavors present themselves, these guys will always grab a bag of Original, Teriyaki, or Cracked Pepper. And I respect that because no matter how many flavors of ice cream present themselves, I'll always grab a Snickers ice cream bar.

And with that said, beef, bacon, and turkey jerky have come a long way in the last couple decades. While the traditional flavors are still available, there is a growing demand for gourmet beef and bacon jerky flavors today. This is why we currently manufacture and distribute eighteen beef and five bacon jerky flavors under the Smokehouse Jerky Co. label and for more than 90 private label clients nationwide.

Sure, we all have a favorite jerky brand and maybe even a particular flavor we are hooked on. This type of singular obsession can be good, but it also has the power to ensure you never get the chance to try another jerky brand and flavor that was created with you in mind.

As the owner of a beef jerky company, I should be spreading the word that we make the best tasting jerky in the world. While we believe we do just that, we know that just isn't the case and, not every person is going to agree no matter what we think.

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