Peppered Orange Teriyaki Brisket Beef Jerky - GLUTEN FREE
Peppered Orange Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Peppered Orange Teriyaki Brisket Beef Jerky - GLUTEN FREE

Peppered Orange Teriyaki Brisket Beef Jerky - GLUTEN FREE

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Peppered Orange Teriyaki Brisket Beef Jerky (GLUTEN FREE)

Looking for beef jerky that incorporates a taste of citrus and oriental goodness? Get a hold of this peppered orange teriyaki flavored brisket jerky and taste why it's one customers keep coming back to.

If you love a unique blend of tastes you will surely love this beefy goodie. We use choice ingredients and marinate in a combination of orange, pepper, and teriyaki to give it a nice Mandarin taste – plus, it is blended with our old fashion recipe to fully bring out the flavors of the jerky in every bite.

Jerky is high in protein which makes it an ideal addition to your diet – snack on them in between meals to help drop those last couple pounds.

Enjoy this tasty snack now by adding it to your cart!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
George meyer (Riverside, US)
Peppered orange teriyaki

Good flavor. No high fructose corn syrup. Just brown sugar. Not salty.

Steve G (Red Hook, US)
Best Ever

Taste is amazing. Can not stop eating until it’s gone. THAT GOOD. SO Tender melts in your mouth...

Jake H (Green Bay, US)
Best jerky ever!!

Taste amazing and is the perfect mix between tender and chewy!

Deana Elliott (Lake Elsinore, US)
The best jerky ever!

I am obsessed with jerky and by far this is the best jerky I have ever had! Not too hard, easy to chew and very flavorful! 2 thumbs up!!

We appreciate the kind words Deana and Thank You for being a great customer!

Desiree Pommert (Kendallville, US)
Acquired Taste.

Initially, this flavor combination was a slap in the face for me. Orange, pepper, teriyaki... At first I wasn't sure how I felt, so I almost didn't pick the little one-ounce package back up. Tasting this brisket jerky a second time, however, I was left wishing it had been a three-ounce package. Pretty much:
Buy it, Try it, Twice it, Re-Buy it.