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Mango Habanero Brisket Beef Jerky
Kat M (Los Angeles, US)
Perfect amount of heat!

Nice balance of sweet and spicy. The flavor of the habanero compliments the mango perfectly. Has a kick, but not too spicy. Nice chewy and soft texture


Very flavorful and perfect texture. Not too chewy or too soft. Great low calorie option, too.

Very hot/spicy

Was much hotter/spicier then I expected

Teriyaki Brisket Beef Jerky
Darlene Moore (Clover, US)
Great taste

Great taste and very tender

Armegeddon Brisket Beef Jerky 1/2 oz
Al Parker (Bonita Springs, US)

Excellent-great heat

Spicy Sweet Turkey Jerky
Tamry McCauley (Santa Clarita, US)
The Best Turkey Jerky

It is so hard to find Turkey Jerky that is not salty. This is the best Turkey Jerky I have ever tasted. It has a really good flavor, not too salty and very tender. The Spicy Sweet is my absolute favorite. It is now my go to snack if I need a a quick snack in the morning or an afternoon snack.

1/2 pound of original beef sticks

I did not receive my beef sticks yet. The Jerky I got was excellent though.

Ghost Pepper Brisket Beef Jerky
Brian Cooper (Lake Shasta, US)

Got a great heat! I think" my opinion" it needs a good smoke flavor. I couldn't taste any neither could my wife. Flavor, heat, sweetness are all spot on

Best jerky ever!!

I have tried many different companies that make jerky and Smokehouse by far is the ultimate best. The garlic pepper and the orange teriyaki are our favorites. I look forward to trying the sweet hot jerky.

Peppered orange teriyaki

Good flavor. No high fructose corn syrup. Just brown sugar. Not salty.

Southwest BBQ Turkey Jerky
George meyer (Riverside, US)
Turkey jerky

Very good flavor. not to salty or spicy by a tangy taste and of course lean meat

Spicy Sweet Brisket Beef Jerky
George meyer (Chino Hills, US)
Peppered orange teriyaki

Good flavor, easy to chew.

Ghost Pepper Brisket Beef Jerky
George meyer (Chino Hills, US)
Ghost pepper

Very hot, but good flavor. Unfortunately full of High fructose corn syrup. You would think that a healthier sweetener, would be a main ingredient.

Black pepper beef

Good peppery flavor.

Original Brisket Beef Jerky - GLUTEN FREE
George meyer (Chino Hills, US)

Very Salty, and kind of dry. A Disappointment. I thought it would be better

Someone tried to trick me with the armegeddon flavor

The first bite was definitely an experience. I had to basically try my absolute hardest to not break down and breath fire out of my mouth like a dragon but afterwards, it was amazing. I want to get another pack just to get my coworkers to try it. I am excited about it


I first tried this jerky several years ago when I was camping up in the Sequoia National Forest. Found it in a little general store and have love it ever since. The jerky is flavorful and tender. The cracked pepper is my favorite. Plenty of pepper I might add and delicious! Can't get flavor like that from any of those so called "brand names." Customer service is Awesome also. I made a few mistakes when I placed my last order. Thank you Patti for all your help!

The best!

Great flavor. Low sodium.

Carne Asada Brisket Beef Jerky - GLUTEN FREE
Paul Parrish (Crestline, US)

The title and the flavor are completely opposite. Carne Asada should always taste like lemon, various chilis, onion, garlic, cilantro and salt.. classic mexican seasonings. The common elements in all varieties being spicy, savory, acidic, and salty. This jerky taste like sweet basil. It's gross, and an insult to carne asada.


A little dry and salty for us....but still good!

Lemon Pepper Brisket Beef Jerky
Steve G (Red Hook, US)
One of my favorites

Moist flavorful one bag is not enough

Great Flavor

Great flavor good price. Right amount of honey and sea salt to give it an interesting Taste

Carolina Reaper Brisket Beef Jerky
Nate (Port Matilda, US)

Not the spice I was expecting, I ended up putting pepper x sauce on the jerky to get the spice where I wanted it. Nonetheless, hands down the best tasting jerky out there that I've tried thus far. I'll be the first to buy if you made one hotter.

You sir, are one of the very few people who need MORE heat! I don't know about making a hotter flavor as most people either think it's perfect or can't handle the heat.

Sweeter than last time

The first time I tried this I didn’t taste the mango. I bought it for a friend of mine and he said that it definitely tasted like some of the meat was saturated in mango. He was hoping for more of a habanero kick but did discover it was there - just delayed.

Wanted More

I honestly loved it so much that I was disappointed I couldn’t have a bigger bag of it. That’s my only complaint.