Sriracha Bacon Jerky
Sriracha Bacon Jerky

Sriracha Bacon Jerky

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Sriracha Bacon Jerky

Do you love Thai cuisine inspired treats? Then this sriracha flavored bacon jerky is the perfect snack for you.

The jerky is made from premium bacon blended with hot sriracha sauce and other choice ingredients – it features an old fashion recipe to bring out the treat’s true colors. It also has a natural smoke flavoring added for an extra bite that complements its heat.

Eat its savory goodness as it is or pair it with other snacks – chop it up and put it in your favorite meal for an exciting combination.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Edward Zorzi
Sweet and tasty.

My title says it all.

Annie Lopez
Yum yum noms

It's really really good I can't believe it's not more popular! You really can't just have one bite it's more like one bag lol

Hold that thought! We are more popular than people know.

See, we make our jerky under more than 90 different labels for businesses across the country. Next time you're at Knott's Berry Farm grab a bag of their Ghost Town Jerky. It's Smokehouse with their label.

People all across the country are eating our jerky...they just aren't aware of it.

Melissa Hancock
Meat candy

This stuff is addictive. Can't get enough.

Don't get me started! Eating this bacon I mean.

A couple days ago I opened a bag (since I hadn't eaten any in months) and before I could stop myself I was 3 bags in. Moderation just doesn't apply to this jerky!

K. Sy

This bacon jerky is so delicious has perfect Siracha flavor

When you start with premium bacon it makes all the difference. Fatty bacon cheats you out of the true flavor.

Lisa B
Great choice of flavors

This was the first selection I tried and I’m hooked. Not to spicy - just enough kick to make your pallet happy.